Ralph Lauren’s New York Fashion Week Event

The Ralph Lauren's New York Fashion Week Event

This year, Ralph Lauren, the brand known for its preppy luxury and iconic polo, set the tone for the week. Their event marked Ralph Lauren’s big return to New York City’s fashion week since the start of the 2019 pandemic.

New York Fashion Week stands at the center of the fashion world. The bi-annual event is a series of runway shows and presentations where designers reveal their collections for the upcoming season in fashion. 

As a New York-born fashion icon, it felt as though the brand was coming home as we all piled into the Brooklyn Navy Yard – and we were thrilled to be a part of it. 

The Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week Event x Matrix

Ralph Lauren’s events during New York Fashion Week are always highly anticipated as no designer is more “New York” than Lauren. 

Looking closely enough, you could see waitstaff and bartenders working hard in the background of the aftershow dinner. Matrix’s models resembled busy bees as they would tend to guests, making sure their water glasses remained full and cocktails stayed fresh. 

We were thrilled to help RL ensure the event ran smoothly and gracefully. We focused on the service so they could focus on the fashion.

A Touch of Class and Expertise

Matrix Model Staffing is renowned for its ability to provide stunning models with a professional reputation, excelling in various roles, from doormen to waitstaff. 

For the Ralph Lauren New York fashion week event, we handpicked models from our roster to ensure that the service was of the same caliber as the show itself. 

As bartenders, they mixed and served drinks with precision and grace, adhering to the highest service standards. Their expertise and attention to detail elevated the mixology to an art form, tailoring each guest’s drinks to their preferences. 

As waitstaff, the models were the epitome of grace and professionalism. They swiftly moved through the event space, attending to guests’ needs and ensuring that everyone had an exceptional dining experience. Their friendliness and attentiveness added warmth to the ambiance of the evening. 

Creating Memorable Interactions

Beyond their roles as bartenders and waitstaff, the Matrix models interacted with RL’s guests in a way that made them feel welcome and comfortable. They didn’t just have their glass filled, and dinner served; they encountered a touch of warmth that left a lasting impression.

An Evening Enjoyed 

In the world of high fashion and luxury, attention to detail matters, and our models were the epitome of that statement. In their flawless service, they were the invisible threads that moved the fabric of the event smoothly, helping Ralph Lauren celebrate their collection with their guests. 

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