How to Choose a Theme for Your Next Brand Event

brand event theme

Events and activations can increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and lead generation. They can also foster user-generated content along with the opportunity to create memorable experiences for your guests/potential customers. 

However, planning the event can seem overwhelming, especially when trying to find the right direction for the event’s theme. Choosing a suitable theme will help set the tone and create a stunning overall aesthetic. 

To help you make the most of your event, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite tips for selecting the perfect event theme idea.

Think about purpose

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing your theme is, what is the purpose of the event?  

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, activation, or fundraiser – the purpose of your event will help you determine what type of theme is appropriate and what elements to incorporate. 

The goal is to ensure the theme fits the occasion, whether aiming for a sophisticated and professional feel or something more lighthearted and fun.

Take your venue into consideration

Your venue will be the bones of the event providing the initial framework for the atmosphere. This is why when brainstorming event theme ideas, it’s always great to let your venue provide some theme inspiration.

Whether it’s a historic mansion or a modern art gallery – the architecture, decor, and locations can be a source of guidance.

What time frame is your event taking place? 

The season and time of day can also play a significant role in selecting the right theme. 

A summer event might call for a beach or tropical vibe. On the other hand, a winter event would suggest a holiday or winter wonderland atmosphere. 

The time of day can determine theme direction as well. For example, evening events typically require more sophisticated environments, whereas daytime events tend to be more casual. 

What are the current trends? 

One of our favorite tips is to draw event theme inspiration from the latest fashion, design, and cultural trends for a chic and modern feel. Then, you can liven it up with specific colors and patterns, pop culture references, or concepts – it will create an in-style and cohesive look that your guests will love and remember. 

Remember your budget 

Keeping your budget in mind is essential as you start to wind down your options. 

Some themes are more exquisite than others and will be more expensive than others. Some require a specific framework vs. a more general decorum. 

For instance, let’s compare a Great Gatsby theme v.s. A Stary Night.

You could pull off ‘A Stary Night’ (unless you’re going the Picasso route…) on a more strict budget than ‘The Great Gatsby’ because many decor options would represent that theme and could get away with twinkle lights along with a great cocktail menu. However, a Great Gatsby theme would require a specific look to mimic the roaring twenties, which may expand your initial budget. 

The point is to make sure you choose your theme based on what your budget allows. A dream theme doesn’t have to break the bank!

Keep these tips in your back pocket when choosing the theme for your next brand event, and you will have crafted an experience that your guest will remember (which, hey, is kind of the point, right?).

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