Avoid These Four Common Mistakes When Hiring Event Models and Waitstaff

When hosting any brand event, the promotional models/brand ambassadors you hire can make or break how smoothly it goes. They’re the backbone of the event adding to the overall ambiance and ensuring that each guest receives impeccable service. However, if you hire the wrong individuals for the job, it can all go downhill fast. 

To help you make the process smooth and seamless, here are four mistakes you’re going to want to avoid when hiring models for your brand events. 

Confusing/Vauge Event Responsibilities 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when hiring event models is not being specific when providing job responsibilities for your upcoming event. 

When explaining the role and its requirements, you’ll want to be crystal clear on all details to avoid confusion – and we mean ALL details. This includes things like dress code, skills/experience required, tasks they will need to perform, how you’d specifically like those tasks performed, etc. 

Providing a detailed explanation of the role and what will be expected of your models is the first step to hiring the right candidates that align with your vision for the event. 

Overlooking Experience and Skills 

The second mistake you’ll definitely want to avoid is overlooking the experience and skills of potential hires. 

It’s crucial to hire promotional models and brand ambassadors with the experience and skills to match the caliber of your event. Otherwise, you risk coming off as unprofessional and sloppy; therefore, achieving the opposite effect you want when hosting an event for your brand.  

Look for models with relevant experience in your industry, who have worked in the event/hospitality industry before, and who have performed in similar events and venues. When hiring event models, you should also consider communication, problem-solving, and customer service abilities. These skill sets are essential for ensuring smooth interactions with guests or any unexpected issues. 

Not Conducting Proper Interviews 

Taking the time to conduct a proper interview is a great way to assess each candidate’s personality, professionalism, and communication skills. You’ll also get the chance to ask situational questions to gauge how they would handle different scenarios and interactions with guests. We also recommend conducting background and reference checks as a final step because it ensures the credibility and reliability of potential hires.

 Skipping this step would indeed be disastrous. 

Ignoring Team Chemistry

Have you ever witnessed a sporting event where it was clear that one of the teams knew how to work together and the other definitely did not… it’s not pretty – team chemistry is more important than you think! 

Most of the time, the promotional models and brand ambassadors you hire for your event will work together to ensure your event runs smoothly; because of this, make sure you think about team compatibility when making hiring decisions. A team that possesses chemistry can make your events experience that much more pleasant for your guests.

Assess how well candidates can collaborate and adapt to different team dynamics during the interview process. Look for individuals who can communicate effectively and work harmoniously with others – you’ll thank yourself (and us) later. 

Next time you’re planning a brand event and looking to hire promotional models and brand ambassadors to be your event staff, make sure to avoid making these common mistakes. You’ll find that event day doesn’t have to mean 24 hours of stress, and we’re positive your guests will also appreciate it. 

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