The Matrix Model Staffing INFLUENCER Division is a curation of the most inspiring individuals at the top of their industries. We carefully hand-picked all the models, bloggers, activists, opinion leaders, and personalities as our INFLUENCERS and partner with top management firms to create a streamlined process for brands to staff all aspects of their event or promotional campaign.


Our extensive experience allows us to identify only the best talent out there. Our talent includes some of the best models, bloggers, and personalities in their industries. We have been staffing top luxury fashion and beauty events for a decade and have garnered a reputation of being a leading staffing firm in our field.


We tailor, design, manage and execute custom event + digital Influencer campaigns offering you exclusive access to Tastemakers that will best represent your brand.

Our extensive hands-on staffing experience as well as partnerships with LookBook + Surkus and multiple blogger management companies enable access to large casting pools varying in demographic, genre and cost.


We specialize in finding the most authentic brand, influencer, and/ or event collaborations with a tailored casting process that will empower, inform and maximize the impact of your selections.


We are here to promote, assist, connect and most importantly, CELEBRATE your brand or event with the largest (and most relevant) audience possible.